TPS Xiaomi Tool MI Account Unlock Tool Download 2023

TPS Xiaomi Tool allows you to bypass your Mi Account, unlock unofficial bootloaders, and find test points. It is a well-liked tool among Xiaomi users. The tool is also used to perform backups, bypass accounts, and perform other critical tasks. You will find a link to download the TPS Xiaomi Tool latest setup version here. The tool includes a slew of unexpected features that simplify a variety of tasks.

TPS Xiaomi Tool MI Account Unlock Tool Download

What is TPS Xiaomi Tool MI Account Unlock Tool?

TPS Xiaomi Tool is one of the best and most cost-free Windows applications for bypassing your Mi account from Xiaomi devices. It enables you to bypass the unofficial bootloader unlock and examine the point finder on your Mi account. Because this instrument was created by the Miko Force team, all credit goes to them.

It is possible to skip mi account using various methods. The first is the 9008 com port method, and the second is the Fastboot method. In this section, we will also go over some of the unique features of the Xiaomi Tool, which are listed below.

TPS is compatible with the majority of Xiaomi devices. If you’ve misplaced your SIM card that’s linked to a Mi account and want to deactivate or activate that account. In this case, we can choose between a long and a short method. Because it is a useful piece of software that combines great features with ease of use.

Download this tool from the above-mentioned link. Then, using Winzip or an alternative, extract the RAR file. It is a portable tool that does not need to be installed. So, open the TPS Xiaomi tool.exe file and you can start using the tool right away. If you want to learn how to use the TPS correctly, please see the guide below.

What is the purpose of the Xiaomi Tool?

Xiaomi Tool enables you to unlock the bootloader and share an excessive number of Test Point images. As a result, you can use the correct image to boot your Xiaomi phone into EDL or Test Point Mode for flashing and unlocking. The Miko Force team created and repackaged it, so special thanks go to them.

Due to a lack of extra time, everyone nowadays prefers short methods. However, the long method is the official method, while the short method is unofficial. Yes, I’m referring to the TPS. It can be used to disable, bypass, activate, and remove Mi accounts.

TPS is a utility program for Windows that works with Xiaomi devices. You can use the TPS Tool if you have a Xiaomi phone and want to remove or bypass the Mi account. This tool can be downloaded for PC from the download link. The tool is compatible with Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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How to download TPS Xiaomi Tool?

You can easily download this tool from the given links.

Tool Name:TPS Xiaomi Tool
File Size:6.5 MB
Latest Version:v1.0
Developer:Thet Paing Soe
Download Link:Download TPS Xiaomi Tool

Features of TPS Xiaomi Tool

  • Mi account should be bypassed.
  • Deactivate my account
  • Unofficially unlock the bootloader
  • Remove the screen lock (pattern, pin, etc.)
  • Restart any Xiaomi product.
  • Examine the test results of several Xiaomi phones.
  • It is used in two ways to unlock the Mi account.
  • Backups should be taken or restored.
  • Any Xiaomi phone can be formatted.

How to Use How to Use TPS Xiaomi Tool & Remove MI Lock?

As I previously stated, you can unlock my MI account using EDL (Fastboot) or Fastboot Mode. (If you are unable to unlock your MI account/bootloader, use the MI Account Unlock Tool.)

Fastboot Method

To use this method, you will to ave to turn off your Xiaomi smartphone > Press Volume Up + Power Key simultaneously once you see the Mi logo > Leave the power button and continue to press Volume Up until you see the Fastboot Logo to connect your device to your PC. You can use the Topfollow app to increase your Instagram followers.

Xiaomi MI Fastboot Mode

EDL Method

  • To begin, install the ADB and Fastboot USB drivers on your computer and enable USB debugging on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • (Not advised; if you are unable to use your Xiaomi Smartphone to enable USB debugging, you must open your smartphone back up to the motherboard and short EDL/test points.)
  • Then, on your Xiaomi device, enable USB debugging mode.
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Then, in your computer, open the CMD (Command Prompt) window and enter the following commands:
    1. adb devices
    2. adb reboot edl
  • Then a pop-up message will appear; simply tap OK to allow USB debugging.
  • When you open the TPS interface, you can check the status of your connected device in ADB or Fastboot mode.
  • Now select your device model and then any of the options such as Remove, Backup, Erase, Restore, Bypass, and Disable.
  • Done.

How to insall TPS Xiaomi Tool?

  • First off, download the Xiaomi Qualcomm USB Driver and MTK USB Driver on your computer.
  • After downloading the tool, extract the given files on your computer.
  • Now launch the TPS Tools.exe
  • Follow the on-screen instructions: Next => Next -> OK => Finish installing the tool.
  • Wait a few seconds for the tool to open.
  • Done.

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