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Moto FRP Tool is a distinctive utility software that makes it simple to remove this Google Account lock from any Moto Android Smartphone & Tablet. It’s the most well-known Google account removal tool for Motorola to date. If you’re interested in the way to bypass FRP locking for your Motorola device, you can download Moto FRP Tool. This will erase the partition FRP and allow you to manage your phone once more.

Moto FRP Tool

No matter what it is: Moto Z2 or Moto X Play as well as Moto G series devices, this is a universal approach to use for any Motorola smartphone. All you have to install “Moto Device Manager” as well as the Moto FRP tool 2022 Download, and after connecting your device to your computer and avoid Google verification. FRP is the synthesis from Factory Reset Protection. On the other hand, Motorola Moto E FRP Bypass Tool blocks unauthorized user access to the phone.

Download Moto FRP Unlock Tool Free 2023 [Latest Version]

It is among the most trusted third-party Factory Reset Protection unlocking tools specifically designed for Motorola smartphones. After you have performed an FRP Factory Reset on the Moto device, you will need to sign in with the Google account details that you used prior. Simply download and run the application, and then connect your phone to the computer using fast boot mode. 

Android is always worried about protection and safety, the company has added FRP, a feature that was added in Android 5.0 up to Android 13. It was activated automatically after a user registered his initial GMAIL account to their phone. After the hard reset process, it will prompt users to enter their most recent current GMAIL ID and password to secure access to the device from unauthorized persons.

Purpose of using Moto FRP Tool

If you’ve forgotten the password then you should make use of to use the Moto FRP software to get rid of Factory Reset protection. All you need to do is download the Motorola FRP Tool and you’ll be able to get around the Google account lock and gain accessibility to the Motorola device. If you’re unable to remember your account or password, Google Account or password you have set up on your Motorola smartphone after the hard reset.

 Do you think your Owen is a Motorola phone and you’ve been stuck in Factory reset protection? Are you seeking an FRP Tool to delete your Gmail account? Then the Moto FRP tool 2020 will surely assist you. If you’re stuck with this FRP lock on the Motorola device, you must discover the Easy and most effective method to bypass the Google account lock on FRP. You can get around the FRP lock quickly using this tool.

How to Bypass using Moto FRP Bypass Tool 2023?

  • Connect WiFi, then return to the (WiFi Setting up) screen.
  • Tap to > See All WiFi Network > Add New Network.
  • Now, Tap the mic icon, then Deny.
  • Tap on the microphone icon > Deny and Don’t Remind.
  • Tap the mic icon > Accept.
  • Click on “Permission” Click on “Permission” and then click on the “Search icon” from the top of the screen.
  • Enter the search term “Settings” After that, scroll down to Settings, and then click on Options > open to bypass all FRPs Motorola Android 11.
  • Return to (Settings) and then select Apps & Notifications > App Info.
  • We are now inside an (App List) From here, we’ll disable some applications that will allow us to bypass FRP for all Motorola android 11-2021. To do this, click on the 3 dots to Show System Apps.

Download Moto FRP Unlock Tool 2022 (Latest Version)

App Name: Moto FRP Bypass Tool
File Name: Moto_FRP.rar
File Type: .exe
Supported OS: Windows (32bit /64bit) Vista, , XP, 8, 10
File Size: 25MB
Developers: IMEI Guru
Download: Moto_FRP_Tool

Moto FRP Bypass Tool

Remove the FRP by deleting some applications:

  • Find and click on Android Configuration (Clock icon) > Force Stop > OK.
  • Clean the two (Storage & Cache) by selecting the “Storage & Cache” option. Finally, tap “Disable > Disable App”.
  • Find the blue Color settings icon “Android Setup” similar to the one shown in the below image. Simply press >”Force” Stop > > OK.
  • Tap on “Storage and Cache” and then clear both cache and storage out within (Android Configuration).
  • Find and tap on> Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App.
  • Then, you can bring (Shortcut Menu) by tapping up from the bottom of the screen with two fingers.
  • Quickly tap to > Assistant > Settings > Enable (Google Play Services).
  • Go back, then tap the Skip button to continue.
  • From there, tap > > More > Accept.
  • From the (Set Screen Lock) screen, tap the screen > SKIP > SKIP OK > Accept and Continue, and complete the remaining steps until you reach the home screen.
  • Visit Settings > System > Advanced Reset option, then click on the “Erase (All Data) option three times.
  • You’ve succeeded to Bypass FRP on all Motorola Android 11. Now, after you have completed the setup wizard or the initial screen, you can create your new Google account on the device “Settings”.

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System Requirements

  • Name: Moto FRP Tool.rar
  • File Size: 1.23 MBs
  • Current Version: v2.0 Latest
  • Support: All for Motorola Devices

How to install Moto FRP Bypass Tool

  • Download and install the Moto device manager onto your computer.
  • Download and decompress the Moto FRP Bypass Tool.

Moto FRP Tool

  • Now, run Motorola_FRP_Download_setup.exe.

Moto FRP

  • Unlock Tool – All MOTO Android FRP Bypass Latest Download
  • It will prompt for the password.
  • Copy and past the Password Iguru4life

Moto FRP Password

  • The tool will be able to open.

MOTO FRP Unlock Tool Latest Download

  • All MOTO Android FRP Bypass Latest Download
  • Switch off Your Moto smartphone.
  • Hold and press the power + volume down buttons until the fast boot mode appears on your device’s screen.


  • The device can be connected to the PC through a USB cable. (you will see ADB and Fastboot drivers identified in the Device Manager Android Device section of your PC).
  • Return to the tool.


  • If your device has successfully connected and connected, it will display “Waiting to connect your device”. Your device will then restart at least a few times.
  • Make sure you turn on Your Moto phone.
  • It will then show your “Found” message Then, it will reboot your mobile multiple times.
  • When you open your phone, you’ll see a USB debugging prompt, just tap OK.


  • Then, take several minutes for the process to complete.
  • Switch off and turn on the Moto phone.
  • Done. Enjoy!

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